When we think of Mykonos, our mind goes to the cosmopolitan atmosphere, the endless parties, and the glamorous lifestyle. But there is so much more that the island has to offer! The secret, tranquil, more authentic side of it. From the traditional side of the island to the most gorgeous blue waters, to the most relaxing home, Villa Dafni, you’ll live the Mykonos experience from a different perspective.

If you want to experience the traditional side of the island, you’ll make it to the village of Ano Mera. It is the one and only village of Mykonos that still holds its authenticity, located just 8km from Mykonos town. In the center of the village you’ll find coffee shops and tavernas with delicious food and of course the monastery of Panagia Tourliani, which is worth visiting.

If you love chasing sunsets, then you must already know that a sunset with watching is in Little Venice. However, the locals suggest another wonderful spot! From the lighthouse Armenisti, you can watch the breath-taking sunset while also overlooking the Aegean and Tinos island.

Do you love secluded beaches and crystal clear waters? Then you are going to find yourself in the wonderful small islands around Mykonos: Rinia, Tragonisi, and Ktapodia. You can take a taxi boat and make it to the islands to spend the day and swim in the beautiful waters all alone! If you like snorkeling you’ll find many hidden treasures in the bottom of the sea!

To discover the island you need a unique place to call home for a few days! The tranquility that Villa Dafni offers will give your vacation the perfect beginning! A safe space for you to enjoy peaceful moments by the pool but also close enough to all the wonderful places you are going to want to visit while in Mykonos!