Discover the unexplored. Visit Naxos.

The charming Naxos island lays claim to the longest crystalline beaches in the Aegean, the greenest of the Cycladic islands with a lush, magnificent landscape and one of the richest histories. Perhaps best demonstrated by Portara, the massive, gate-like ruins of the unfinished Apollo temple, azure waters and sun-soaked shores.

Discover the unexplored. Visit Naxos.

Ispired by nature

For those gastronomically-inclined travelers, Naxos is a bright spot in the culinary wonderland that is the Cyclades, thanks to its long-established agricultural economy and nutrient-fertile lands. Green vegetables, sheep and goat meat, fish, potatoes, olives, and honey are all mainstays of Naxian cuisines, best enjoyed in the local, family- run tavernas offering warm hospitality. Astonishing beaches surround Naxos’s fertile farming centre. Mikri Vigla is the place for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Sheltered from the wind when the Meltemi blows, Alyko, with its cedar forest, and Mikro Alyko.

Perfected by design

An interior that generously offers a serene and calming experience in its every corner. The minimal and unique style fully blends in with the landscape’s raw beauty.

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Wander through the fragrant garden and soak up the beauty of the Aegean Sea views. A place designed to offer our guests luxury, nature, and wellbeing all in one place.

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