Discover the art of comfort. Visit Tinos.

Tinos seems to inspire stories of dreamers. Maybe it's the proximity to other islands at night, part shadow and hints of things, part glowing smudges. A Grecian island with vast but complex beauty. Valleys like moonscapes; metallic beaches of gray or copper; sheer-scooped cliffs.

Discover the art of comfort. Visit Tinos.

Inspired by nature

It’s the island where the spiritual heart of Greece beats, in the church of Panagia Megalochari. The island has an impressive 50 villages scattered along the mountainside. Explore as many of these villages as possible, and keep your eye out for the intricately decorated ancient dovecotes, for domesticated doves and pigeons that pepper the cliff sides. Beaches abound the island and offer a relaxing day wading in crystalline waters. The extraordinary gastronomy awaits to be discovered. From mouthwatering seafood and aromatic mountain herbs to exquisite handmade cheeses the island of Tinos has a thriving culinary scene.

Perfected by design

Discover the unrivaled style and traditional architecture of Kato Spiti, showcasing the magical essence of the island.

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Find your ideal spot to relax and enjoy the golden sunlight reflected in the sea during the day. As the sun begins to set, fall in love with the beautiful unobstructed sunsets in the Aegean.

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