Mykonos, the island that combines it all! It is known to be the most cosmopolitan island of the Cyclades, and there’s a good reason for it. Endless beach parties, wonderful sunset spots to enjoy a cocktail, and lots of
happenings to keep you busy. But there is another side to it. Discover the more relaxing, quiet side of the island. Starting with a heavenly home, Villa Dafni. Just a few steps away from the most elegant sandy beaches and with a spectacular view of the Aegean. Villa Dafni creates the perfect holiday retreat for families or groups of friends.

Famous for its minimal Cycladic architecture, Mykonos is full of traditional whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches. The trademark of the island, the traditional windmills in Little Venice, where you can also enjoy the magical sunset and capture the colorful light washing up the island’s Chora and later stroll around the narrow paved streets of Chora. What’s more, Mykonos is the most popular gay-friendly destination in Greece. The island welcomes every year many LGBTQ tourists, who choose Mykonos for their holidays.

Chora, the main town of Mykonos, is where the heart of the island beats! Awarded Mykonos restaurants, designer boutiques, elegant bars, and top clubs, guarantee an unforgettable Greece holidays experience! The wonderful beaches also make the island attractive! With emerald, azure or deep blue waters, pebbly or sandy, the island has amazing beaches for every taste!

After a fun, you can return to the most relaxing home, Villa Dafni with a private pool for a sunset dip or start your day off in the most perfect way, with a dive in the luxurious pool.