Paros may be one of the busiest islands in the Cyclades, but there are some hidden, secret gems that you need to discover! The beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife have made Paros one of the most popular destinations for spring, summer, and fall vacation. If you are looking to discover the more low-key, unknown parts of the island read below to find out all the secrets that will make your next trip magical!

On the northern part of the island you’ll find Paros Park. It is a protected natural park and site for cultural events. You can get there by car or take a small boat from Naoussa. The organized beach of Monastiri marks the beginning of the park. From then on, you’ll find your peace in nature. There are several hiking trails that let you explore the peninsula from a different point of view. Hike up following the path to the lighthouse to enjoy the view of the all-white town of Naoussa and the magical sunset from above.

If you want to enjoy the deep blue waters away at a more remote beach visit Lageri. If you swim around you can see the lighthouse on the top of the cliff on the bay of Naoussa. The sun will fall behind it during sunset, creating a breathtaking sky. Lolantonis is another beach that will give you the peace and quiet you are looking for. The tall pine trees create the perfect shade for afternoon naps in between swimming in the gorgeous waters.

You cannot miss the whitewashed village of Lefkes. A village which has become a haven for craftsmen, artists and writers. You’ll find traditional shops and cafes to enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee before continuing your journey. Wander around and admire the beautiful village view!