Located on the northern side of the Cyclades group of islands, Tinos is one of the most enchanting Greek islands. Beautiful sandy beaches, traditional villages and minimal Cycladic architecture create a unique atmosphere that never fails to captivate the visitors. Apart from the gorgeous villages and the beautiful beaches, we know that you will love the food!

San to Alati
San to Alati is a welcoming fish tavern, which has been a favorite spot for local the loacls. Its unusual name, which means “like salt”, is borrowed from a royal-themed fairy tale, about a king and his daughter. Faithful to this myth, most of the menu options in the catalog have a salty character with mostly seafood options.

Svoura is a relaxing meze taverna, located in the central square of Komi village. Its overall atmosphere reminds us of a traditional Greek taverna but with a modern touch. In its menu you will find a wide range of mixed dishes, known as mezedes, meat options, salads and mainly traditional alcoholic beverages, like ouzo, wine and raki.

To Koutouki tis Elenis
To Koutouki tis Elenis is a colorful place in the heart of Tinos. Its unique decoration a positive and atmosphere. The menu is full of local flavors and traditional Greek dishes, all of which are prepared with the finest ingredients.

Triantaraki is a traditional Greek kafenio, with a modern decoration that makes it stand out. It is spotted in a beautiful alley of Triantaros village, on a high spot that commands spectacular views over the surrounding area. It
offers coffee, breakfast, desserts, local drinks, mezedes and other delicious, Greek assortments. Triantaraki is also known for its variety of Greek craft beers and Greek wine labels.