Discover Tranquility and Luxury in Mykonos

Every moment captured in Mykonos is a timeless masterpiece. Renowned for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and opulent lifestyle, Mykonos beckons with rosé-fueled beach club lunches, sundowners at the water's edge, and evenings exploring the charming cobblestoned streets of white-washed Chora, the island's main town.

Discover Tranquility and Luxury in Mykonos

Immersed in Nature's Elegance

Venetian buildings lining the shore, white-on-white shops, and seaside tavernas create a picturesque scene against the backdrop of classic Cycladic windmills. Explore blissful beaches, turquoise seas, and bask in the magical Mykonian light that guides your every step. According to Greek legend, this light is a gift from neighboring Delos, a sacred isle where Apollo and Artemis, along with light itself, were born. Delos, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a living revival of ancient Greek civilization.

Perfected by Design, Inspired by Nature

Experience Dafni, meticulously designed in complete harmony with nature. True to Cycladic architecture, each element complements the natural landscape's colors.

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Step into an exterior that offers the tranquility you crave. As the sun sets, be dazzled by the pink hues in the sky, and relish the spectacular, star-filled night sky.

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