The serene and tranquil Tinos island promises to make all visitors desire to go back with every change they get. Tinos combines the Aegean blue, with the Cycladic aura and the traditional villages that make it stand out in comparison to the neighboring islands. The perfect vacation spot for couples eager to discover the villages and swim in the crystal clear waters. Also a wonderful travel destination for families with children who want to find perfect hiking spots, visit the museums, and the local festivals. The ideal island to get immersed into the Greek culture: traditions, food, and its kind and generous people.

Tinos stands out because of its multiple villages. Each village is unique and the traveler will find a different characteristic to fall in love with: the elegant arches, the cobbled streets, and the countless spots to enjoy the cotton-candy sky sunsets. From the more famous villages: Loutra, Kardiani, Volax, Pyrgos, and Dyo Xoria. To the less known but equally wonderful: Triantaros, Arnados, Myrsini, and Krokos. Each place will leave its mark on the visitor and the desire to go back and learn more about its history.

Tinos is very famous among the Greeks for the “Panagia”, the Evangelistria Church, which is home to the nationally reserved icon of the Virgin Mary. During mid-August people from all over the country visit the church. On August 15th, which is when the Assumption of Mary is celebrated, people hike the road that leads up to the church on their knees as an expression of gratitude.

Of course, the blue, refreshing waters are guaranteed to make each travel enjoy carefree moments gazing into the endless blue of the Aegean. Tinos is one of the largest islands of the Cyclades and therefore has many different options. Kolybithra is one of the biggest attractions for water-sports lovers. Surfing lessons and other water sports take place there. The Paxia Ammos beach is also one of the all time favorites along with, Agios Sostis, Laouti and Agios Fokas.