The ideal romantic getaway: nothing but you, your loved one, and the endless blue of the Aegean. Make your dream vacation a reality in Paros island.

Not too busy, not too quiet, September may be the ideal vacation month after all. September is the month where things have started slowing down. You will find that everything is easier in September. Everything is everyone is more relaxed. Exactly, what is needed for a romantic getaway! It’s a stress free month.

The weather in the Cyclades is still warm and kind, with a gentle breeze in the evening. The day may be starting get a little shorter, but the sunsets are more beautiful than ever. The blue water in the Aegean, is warm and crystal clear. The big wave of tourists has gone by and it is not time for you to enjoy the simpler side of Paros island.

Start your day by enjoying a healthy and delicious breakfast by the beach. Swim in the clear waters with the view of the endless blue. Leave the beach right before sunset, and head to Naousa for golden hours drink in the most romantic bars. Discover new restaurants every day for dinner and get to know the traditional Greek cuisine.

Find adventures and excursions to fill your day with new experiences. Visit the beaches that offer water sports and try out water skiing or kitesurfing. Take the ferry and visit Antiparos, the small island, which is only 10 minutes away from Paros. Discover more magical beaches and a street full of bars, restaurants and stores to indulge in some late night food, drinks and shopping.

September is the month that will make you fall in love all over again. Fall in love with life, with the world, with yourself, with each other. Grasp the chance to find the spark and magic again.

See you soon!