Mykonos is a unique, vibrant Greek island included in the top Greek summer destinations, as well as the best Mediterranean partying hotspots. We are certain that you already have endless reasons why to visit the island! But
we want to make sure that you’ll get to enjoy the island of the winds as much as possible. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons Mykonos attracts millions of travelers annually!

Mykonos boasts an amazing nightlife, one of the most acclaimed in the Mediterranean region. People from all around the world visit the island every summer for the famous clubs and sensational bars. With countless options to select from, it’s certain that you will have the experience of a lifetime. As Mykonos is an LGBTQ+ welcoming destination, numerous venues and bars are exclusive to the community, with themed and drag parties. In Chora, every traveler aspires to go on a shopping spree at the fantastic designer boutiques of Mykonos Town to acquire the latest fancy summer attire and jewelry. Haute couture houses enhance the shopping district of Chora, along with luxurious accessories brands and excellent Mykonian handcrafted items.

The Greek cuisine stands among the most acclaimed ones internationally, either on its own or as part of the Mediterranean family. Well-balanced, delicious and healthy, its recipes accommodate most palates. In Mykonos,
the culinary experience has expanded, creating a multi-faceted aspect. Many restaurants offer fusion menus or modernized Greek meals. Along with the island’s locally made delicacies, Mykonos offers outstanding dining
experiences to its visitors; from authentically Greek executions to Anatolian and Asian fusion dishes, the exploration remains fascinating. The charming quarter of Little Venice in Chora is one of the most inspirational areas on the island. The wave-kissed Cycladic buildings above the sea, with their colorful details and wooden balconies create an artistic and authentic aura. The cozy bars tucked in the whitewashed buildings and paved, narrow alleys with sea views, where visitors can relax and savor the unique experience. The Mykonian sunset is most romantic when gazed upon from Little Venice and the nearby Alevkandra bay, with its pastel crimson colors painting the horizon above the Aegean. It is a sought-after sight, adored by couples and honeymooners the most.

Hardly anything surpasses the seashores of Mykonos during summertime. Lengthy, golden, sandy, aesthetic would be an accurate description of the top Mykonian bays like Super Paradise, Paradise, Elia, Kalo Livadi, Psarou
among others. The azure waters of the Aegean offer a soothing getaway from the blazing sun, while the posh beach bars provide rejuvenating cocktails. Beach parties that last all day and all night are a daily event on these