A French film shot on the Greek island

Tinos and its lesser known landscapes inspired French director Josephine Flasseur to shoot the short film IOM SE UT (Upside Tu es moi = You Are Me).


The film focuses on a young boy isolated on a desert island fighting against himself under a mysterious influence of the two moons. The Cycladic island seems to be the perfect place for such an existential conflict with the tensions it creates in the one experiencing it – whether in reality, as a visitor or as a viewer in the film. The choice of locations is very careful, with scenes from the quarries of Tinos (from the wildest and most beautiful parts of the island), from Volaka to Livada.

The title IOM SE TU which, if read in reverse, means Tu es moi, has a dual meaning. On the one hand, it means you are me, and the other, Tuer moi, means Kill me. In other words, the struggle of our childhood with our adult self and this is the death of our childhood until adulthood.

For those of you on the beautiful island, the film will be screened on Saturday 20.07 at Agia Triada Square in Pyrgos Tinos at 21:30.