When all Tinos becomes a group of friends during the days of “Tinos Food Paths”

Places, people, stories, tradition, events, flavors, raw material, nature, sun, sea and culture are all you meet in the “Trail of taste” in beautiful Tinos. The “Tinos Food Paths” is a spring travel in time and flavors. For the fifth year this excellent action continues, grows and enriches, highlighting the gastronomic richness of the island and its culture.

Tinos is a wonderful place, with hospitable, smiling and open-hearted people. On this island of Cyclades you will see rocks scattered by the wind, beaches with blue waters, Cycladic villages perched on the slopes, traditional settlements that are preserved unchanged in time, always with absolute respect to the architecture of the place. Beyond the first picture you see in the harbor of Tinos, the tour of the island’s inland, as well as the discovery of the secrets of every village, is a unique experience for all those who visit the island.

Traveling to Tinos for the organization of “Tinos Food Paths”, I participated in a celebration in which the whole island becomes a group of friends. This year’s activities included rides in mills, groves, squares, streets, inaccessible spots, paths and open spaces, creating “circles” of life, companionship, taste and taste. The main slogan of this year’s annual celebration was “In the mills. In Kalloni. The magic circle of Life “. Indeed, all these routes and stops in separate parts of the island were a journey through time through the narratives of the people.

In recent years, the vision of the Tinos Food Paths team is based on the emergence of the gastronomic identity of the island as well as the tradition and authenticity of Tinos, inspiring people to collaborate and offer their ideas, knowledge, time, products they produce. As they say: “A dish, hot or cold. A bite, small or big. The taste. Food, one of the most basic and beautiful ways to get to know one place. Our gastronomic culture is everywhere. In the sea and in our fields. In our homes and yards. At the bottom. In the cellars. The goods that keep the people of this place in their hands and in their soul “.

“Our place, a gastronomic destination, as an island itself, as part of a wider geographic area of ​​the Cyclades and the Aegean. The idea, namely respect and love for each local product and its visibility, is based on both cooperation and the effort to understand and manage the gastronomy sector. Slowly and surely, always feeling proud of this place and of what we offer, we try to follow new paths and trace the paths of taste, they point to LiFO two of the founding members of the group, Antonis Psaltis and Giorgos Amoralis.