What better way to start the summer off in the best way than to spend Whit Monday holiday in Paros. This year, the island will officially start its season with this holiday, which is on June 21st. If you’re planning to visit Paros
during this time, you’ll love reading below about all the options you have go make the most out of the holiday and the weekend before Monday.

White-washed architecture, cobbled-streets, kind people, traditional villages, countless beaches. Paros has everything you may want for a vacation you’ll never forget! It’s the third biggest island of the Cyclades and the
capital is Paroikia. Naousa is one of the most graphic villages of the Aegean and has now become the cosmopolitan corner of the island. Paros perfectly combines, the old age with the new, peace and liveliness, the
blue waters and the white homes.

Paroikia, the Capital of Paros
Paroikia is the center of the island. Once you reach the port, you will see the windmill and then the Church, which is the biggest of the island. In Paroikia you will walk around the cobbled streets and enjoy the shopping options. You will also find the Castle, built on top of the hill above the port.

Naousa, the Cosmopolitan Village
In the northern part of the island, you will find Naousa, which is built around a small port where all fishermen gather. It is one of the most beautiful fish villages in the Aegean because it somehow perfectly combines the old
with the new, cosmopolitan side. You will walk around and find countless shops with local goods and famous Greek fashion designers. You will also find many great options for restaurants as well as drinks later on in the night! You can’t miss the ultimate desert: loukoumades, small donuts served with either honey and cinnamon or chocolate and ice cream.

You cannot miss the whitewashed village of Lefkes. A village which has become a haven for craftsmen, artists and writers. You’ll find traditional shops and cafes to enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee before continuing your journey. Wander around and admire the beautiful village view!