The 2nd Festival of Paros comes on 12, 13 and 14 July with a rich program of innovative cultural actions that place the collective and individual memories of the Parians in the center.

It is a series of cultural activities taking place in the capital of the island, Parikia. The main purpose of the Festival is to highlight the multifaceted culture of the place and its people.

In the context of the Festival, music, architecture, the natural environment, literature, the arts, nutrition and all kinds of religious and other traditions – the material and intangible cultural heritage of the island as a whole shapes a rich field of interaction locals and visitors with the past and present of the place.

Concerts, exhibitions, screenings, discussions, lectures, guided tours, educational programs for children and adults, workshops with local artisans and a host of other actions aim to highlight the unspoilt side of the island.

The exhibition program of the Paros Festival entitled Collecting Stories, Telling Histories tells a series of interesting and unexpected stories of the place, its people and its cultural material. The artists Kyriaki Goni, Rania Bellou, Panagiotis Kalkavoura, Maria Tzanakou and the photographer Platon interbreed organically in the exhibition program, producing their own short stories that examine the ways in which we remember and the kind of memories we like to keep.

Three exhibition halls, the Krispi mansion, two other private mansions, the Kantioti Barber shop, nine churches, are celebrating their festivals and welcoming the festival audience. Unforgettable experiences and thrills promise specially designed educational programs, experiential workshops for young and old, speeches, guided tours and walks. Music also plays an important role this year in the program of the Paros Festival with concerts, small and big, flooding every corner of the city of Paroikia with sounds and melodies.

This year’s program of the Paros Festival was designed through a participatory research program of public history held in Paros in collaboration with the Anthropological Research Laboratory of the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, the School of Fine Arts of the University of Ioannina and the Heritage Management Organization.


Paros Festival 2019

When: 12, 13, 14 July

Where: Parikia Castle

All the actions of the Paros Festival are free for the public.