One of the most picturesque fishing villages, it was going to play in important role in the development of maritime and trading since the old times. In the nature port of Panormos, green marble was loaded coming from the quarries of the area and it was transported to the rest of the country. It’s one of the most beautiful touristic attractions that cast a spell on anybody visiting the area with its picturesque bay and the delicious tastes and flavors coming from the taverns nearby. The beaches are ideal as the north wind does not affect Aghia Thalassa and the tamarisks use their shade to cool Rοchari.

Natural harbor of Panormos…”SUP”ER!

A SUP spot completely safe that you’ll love and it will be your destination! It’s the natural harbor of Panormos,  which is the seaport of Pyrgos, with the island “Planet” in the middle. The maritime area is suitable for beginners or advanced surfers, SUP or sailing.

Beginners can make their first steps in shallow sandy water, learning easier in a comfortable and safe environment.

For those who are advanced windsurfers and want to improve their technique, the maritime area is ideal.