“If you take Greece apart it the end you will be left with an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat, which means that with these items you can rebuilt it” said the Nobel Prize winner Greek poet Odysseas Elytis. And he was right since the naval profession is in the dna of Greeks, the olive nourishes them and the vine offers them its valuable wine.

In the hinterland of Mykonos, in the lowland of Maou, in the famous vineyards of Mykonos is produced the famous Mykonian wine, named «Paraportiano». It is a biological crop based on the tradition, the wisdom of nature and the good music for healthy grapes.

Since May 2014, are organized cycling trips/ tours to the unknown, to many people, parts of the island, in the rural settlements of the area of Ano Mera and the surrounding beautiful beaches, starting from the farm. The rides are designed to suit every fitness level, depending on the participants.

Through the tours, the visitor will discover some beautiful sides of Mykonos that are not screen and are no easily accessible by other means.

All the equipment needed, first aid, and insurance are provided.

The farm is open for guided tours, wine tasting and tasting of Mykonos’ traditional products after contact.