Reserving sunbeds and an umbrella in Greece’s most popular beaches is now easier than ever with BeachDibs, a platform that gives you the ability to enjoy the Greek sea and sun without hassle.

The co-founder of George Hristodoulou — a Greek American who lives in New York City — came up with the idea when he visited his homeland and could not find sunbeds and an umbrella for his family to enjoy one of the best things Greece has to offer: a relaxing day at the beach.

As Hristodoulou explains, the idea came out of frustration. “It all started in August 2016 when my wife, kids, and I went to my homeland of Greece and wanted to enjoy a day on the beach.”

“Imagine my disappointment when I came to the first beach, unpacked all of our stuff and took the kids on the journey from the car to the beach, only to find out that the
beach was completely packed with no room for my family.”

“Then imagine this happening three more times until I finally ended up at a beach that had availability but was not family friendly.”

When the Greek American man returned to his home in New York City, the nuisance was still in his head: “I came back to my home in New York City and could not shake this
experience. How are we so advanced in technology today and there is not a way to book a sunbed and umbrella in advance of a trip?”

“This is when I decided to create with the mission of making online reservations for umbrellas and sunbeds easy so you (and I) can enjoy more of our vacations.”

So Hristodoulou and his partners sat down and came up with the reservation platform. This summer, BeachDibs services will be available on the islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Ios and Naxos, five of the most popular islands in Greece.

With Greece anticipating to see over 30 million tourists arriving this year, the demand for sunbeds and umbrella will be even higher. More so in the popular Cyclades islands serviced.

With BeachDibs travelers have the ability to research and reserve a spot on their favorite Greek Island beach. They can just go to the website, select an island and then choose from a variety of available packages at participating beaches. The reservation will be guaranteed. The service is also great for singles, couples, families and large groups that want to sit together without having to wake up early to do so.

BeachDibs plans to provide services across over 50 beaches this vacation season, with more to follow.