Haven’t we all dreamt of having the perfect wedding? What could possibly make it more unforgettable than getting married near the sea breeze and the endless blue view of the Aegean. Make this dream a reality in Paros! The island that combines picturesque sunset spots, extravagant nightlife as well as quiet and private beaches for the ultimate pre-wedding party.

The Day Before:
Drinks in the nightlife center of island, Naoussa. Invite your guests to start the celebrations for the magical days that will follow. You will find many options for the perfect pre-wedding party. From Barbarossa, to Agosta, to Linardo, to Sommaripa, you will definitely find the bar that will exceed your expectations.

The Wedding:
Our villa, Aghia Thalassa has the perfect private chapel! Just a few meters away from the sea, you can exchange vows and create memories that will last a lifetime. The beautiful private terrace will make for the flawless “walk down the aisle” with its unique decorations and romantic candlelights. The private pool will become the center of the attention once the sun goes down and you will get to enjoy your celebrations with the people who mean the most to you.

The Day After:
Plan an after wedding party to relax and enjoy the sun in the afternoon. Spend quality times with friends and loved ones on the beach. You will find that Paros has countless beach options, each one with its unique qualities and advantages.

The Honeymoon:
Stay put in the most romantic setting and hold on to your wedding memories while enjoying a few more days of peace and quiet with your other half, and the beachfront villa.


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