While we may have our lives set in pause, our dreams never stop. Life may be in quarantine, but dreams can’t be quarantined. All we need is optimist and our positive energy to constantly remind ourselves that better days are ahead of us. It is in times like this where we realize the beauty of simplicity, we appreciate the little things and find calm in the middle of the storm.

But more than that, this is the time to start planning for the future. It is not the time to stand still and wait for the crisis to be over. It is an opportunity to embrace what we have been given and make the most out of a bad
situation. It is a chance to dream, to plan, to create endless possibilities.

To find inspiration watch the video below! A video created by Aris Katsigiannis, a well-known Greek director and photographer based in Athens. The idea came from Greece’s nationwide restriction on movement. He wanted to showcase positivity in light of the global crisis we are living in. Living in lockdown, he remembered the amount of video material he had collected from shooting around Greece. Countless of beautiful shots that could be used to create something very strong. He assembled a video that gives an optimistic message to all global citizens. The universal message that dreams cannot be quarantined and that we must not let the virus and this whole situation make us forget our dreams.