With spring in full bloom it’s to think about the dream travel destinations for the summer that is just around the corner. Now more than ever, we are in need of a lovely vacation! A chance to go back to the normality of life, to
visit a new place, to explore, discover, and relax. What does your ideal vacation look like? Greece offers a world full of blue! We offer an amalgamation of all things Aegean. You will find one of our beautiful villas to welcome you in the most idyllic Greek islands: Paros, Mykonos, Tinos. Each island has special characteristics and they are all very different from one another.

Paros Island
Combining modern with traditional elements in the most unique way, Paros is a mix of traditional Cycladic architecture, vivid nightlife, magical Paros beaches, enchanting rural villages, and historical monuments. Boasting a
beautiful natural landscape and 120 km of coastline, it has endless blonde-sand beaches, verdant mountains and cliff-top villages galore. What’s more, its proximity to popular Cyclades islands, such as Mykonos, Santorini, and Naxos makes it the perfect Greece island hopping base! Full of traditional taverns, luxurious restaurants and sophisticated bars, Parikia and Naoussa overflow with young crowds every night. If crowded places and loud
music aren’t your cups of tea, though, you can wander in the tranquil traditional villages of Lefkes and Marpissa. This island is famous for one thing in particular: its beaches! Huge, sandy, with crystal clear waters and many
facilities, Paros beaches are stunning!

Mykonos Island
Luxurious Mykonos lifestyle, award-winning restaurants, cosmopolitan vibes, a crazy party scene, amazing Mykonos beaches. Famous for its minimal Cycladic architecture, Mykonos is full of traditional whitewashed houses
and blue-domed churches. Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek islands for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and vivid nightlife! Marvel the amazing sunset from Little Venice Mykonos, stroll around the narrow paved streets of Chora, enjoy your stay at the luxurious Mykonos hotels, dance the day away at epic beach parties and swim at the exotic Mykonos beaches. When the sun goes down, join the nightlife scene of the island and party all night long at the legendary Mykonos clubs! Mykonos is the most popular gay-friendly destination in Greece. The island welcomes every year many LGBTQ tourists, who choose Mykonos for their holidays!

Tinos Island
Tinos Greece sits in the heart of the Aegean sea and belongs to the Cyclades island group. The overall effect of Tinos island is deeply calming, probably due to its spiritual aura. Tinos island Greece is home to the popular
among the worshipers, Panagia Megalochari church. People from all over Greece visit this imposing church every year, to worship the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, which is hosted there. Apart from its religious significance, Tinos island Greece rewards the traveler with lots of surprises. Picturesque villages, Cycladic dovecotes, stonemade houses, little squares, and churches set the scene of this charming island… As for things to do in Tinos, there’s a whole heap of activities, from trekking to water sports!