Tinos Town is quite impressive with the Neoclassical mansions at the waterfront and the large Monastery of the Virgin Mary. Traveling across the island, visitors can see small mountainous villages, Byzantine monasteries, and picturesque dovecotes, the trademarks of the island. The villages are what makes this island so special! Each one, unique with its wonderful characteristics, will make visitors definitely want to come back to see more!

Pyrgos: built in the heart of a verdant site, as one of the largest, most beautiful villages of Tinos and the entire Cyclades. The village charms with the numerous marble creations made by the local craftsmen. Today visitors
have a chance to admire the marble streets, arches, churches and many monuments. Wood carving work shops and a School of Fine Arts also function in the village of Pyrgos.

Kardiani: a beautiful picturesque village, and certainly the greenest one of Tinos. It lies on the slopes of Mount Pateles, 16 km northwest of Chora. Built in the shade of luxuriant verdure of plane and olive trees, this lovely village has picturesque stone paved narrow alleys, whitewashed steps, wonderful arches and magnificent traditional whitewashed old houses with flat roofs, colorful windows and doors and courtyards and balconies full of bright flowers.

Volax: located in a strange and unique site full of huge granite boulder formations, reminders of a volcanic eruption that took place some thousands of years ago. Those natural monoliths have different shapes and give to the landscape a unique natural charm; the white houses of the village contrast with the profound red of the rocks.

Isternia: located 20 km from the main town of Tinos and close to Kardiani village, Isternia is built amphitheatrically on a beautiful natural site, on the slopes of Mount Meroviglia. It is a small settlement with marble-paved lanes, two-story houses as well as fine marble lintels and picturesque arches shadowing the narrow paths. The entire village is an exquisite example of fine marble sculpture.

Dio Choria: found north-east of Chora, near the village of Triantaros, 10 km from Chora, Dio Choria is among the most beautiful villages of Tinos with a strong medieval character and breathtaking view to the neighboring Cycladic islands. The village is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mount Exobourgo, offering a clear view to the southern part of the island. Dio Choria is a quaint settlement made of old white stone houses with coloured windows and doors, stone paved narrow alleys and superb stone arches and arcades forming little passages through which the light draws magical shades.