The winds, the villages, the pigeons, the golden light, the imposing wildness of the landscape and the energy of the place contribute to making Tinos the island you will fall in love with in an instant. This beautiful Cycladic island has another gift: it combines the Aegean tradition with modern aesthetics. This is why many artists from all over the world, seek out all of Tinos’ specials assets to find inspiration. Just like that, Carol Guinebert, a Frenchwoman who settled in Smardakito, split her time between Paris and this small village in Tinos to become inspired.

Back in 2018, Carol Guinebert, the French collector of art and objects decided to transform her passion by setting up a store in Tinos Town. “Trela” is the perfect combination of the old and the new, where she curates a wonderful collection of antiques and modern pieces that tell the story of France and Greece, bridge the past with the present and reflect the two cultures.

Her concept store is home to timeless items found during Carol’s travels. The thread that unites them all is beauty and emotion. At the same time, “Trela” maintains an exclusive collaboration with Manuela Bonnet, graphic
designer, with a series inspired by Tinos, which includes T-shirts, accessories and home items. From a 1950s secretary, to 19th century vase and paintings, a collection of old postcards from Tinos, to carpets from the Kozani
or Thessaloniki, classic tavern tables and furniture reflecting Greek handicrafts. In the collection of contemporary objects, “Trela” hosts creations of young artists (among them some based on the island), offering a fine curated range of ceramics, glassware and other objects.